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CIMB Ang Pao Mania

龙年大吉 ! Grab extra Ang Pao of up to RM888!

Roar into the Year of Dragon with extra Ang Pao. Pump up savings for your child in the Junior Savers Account/-i or YOUth Savers Account/-i and seize the chance to win RM88 or RM888!



Be one of the 10 daily winners to win RM88 Ang Pao when you deposit a minimum of RM100 per transaction!



On these auspicious days, amplify your wealth! Deposit a minimum of RM500 per transaction for an opportunity to grab a festive RM888!


Check out the auspicious days below and seize the chance of winning RM888!

Li Chun 立春 marks the start of Spring. The popular tradition on this day is to deposit cash into your account for a year of good fortune. Ramp up your child’s savings now!

Ren Ri 人日, it’s everyone’s birthday!

Saving for a child today is a great gift for their future. Grab the chance to win additional Ang Pao for them!

Chap Goh Mei 元宵节, the finale of CNY celebrations is approaching, but the rewards keep rolling in!

Your LAST CHANCE to win RM888 is here!

Pump up savings in your child’s account and create a brighter future for them.


Start sending e-Ang Pao to your child effortlessly with the CIMB Clicks App or CIMB OCTO App!


These QR codes will direct you to your respective app stores based on your device to download our app and you will not need to submit any personal identifiable information or data.


Campaign Period: 4 February 2024 - 18 March 2024


Important Notes

  1. This campaign is open to all existing and new CIMB individual customers who owns and are the primary account holders of Junior Savers Account/-i or YOUth Savers Account/-i.
  2. The Eligible Customer(s) is only eligible to perform up to 10 deposit transactions which will be recorded or considered as Qualifying Criteria per day (for each Prizes category) into their CIMB Current Account/-i or Savings Account/-i (“CASA/-i”), from 2:00AM to 10:00PM on each campaign day.
  3. *Winners must maintain a minimum incremental account balance of RM500 to secure the prize. The incremental account balance shall mean the total day-end balance of the Eligible Customer’s Junior Savers Account/-i or YOUth Savers Account/-i on Final Campaign Day (18th March 2024) compared against Pre-Campaign Day (3rd February 2024).
  4. Individual customers who open a new Junior Savers Account/-i or YOUth Savers Account/-i during the Campaign Period, are only eligible to win the Daily Prize or Special Prize two (2) days after the day of account opening.
  5. Each Eligible Customer(s) is only eligible to win 1 Daily Prize or 1 Special Prize throughout the Campaign Period. In the event that an Eligible Customer(s) is entitled to win both Daily Prize and Special Prize on any days, throughout the Campaign Period, he/she will be awarded a Special Prize instead.




Member of PIDM.

CIMB Savings Account/-i is protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.