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Pay, Play & Win with CIMB Credit Cards

Boost your chances to win Daily Cash Back and

Weekly Mystery Prizes worth over RM275,000!

Campaign Period: 1 October 2020 - 31 March 2021

You could win a prize every day! Here’s how:

3.6 Million Exclusive Prizes up for grabs!

Weekly Mystery Prizes to be revealed every Friday.

Weekly Mystery Prize Winner Announcement

If you have participated in the Campaign to Pay, Play & Win with CIMB Credit Cards, find out below if you are the week’s Mystery Prize Winner.

Didn’t see your name?

Start using your CIMB Credit Card for eligible contactless and e-commerce payments for your chance to win next week!

Even more ways for boosting your entries to win Cash Bonuses and Bonus Interest/Profit

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Important Notes

1. This campaign is open to all CIMB Bank and CIMB Islamic Bank credit cards issued in Malaysia (excluding CIMB’s Platinum Business Card and Fuel Tanker Card)

2. To participate in this Campaign, Eligible Customer(s) must first register, either:

a. by responding to CIMB’s short message service (“SMS”) sent to their mobile number maintained in CIMB’s records and by typing BB and sending it to 62666 during the Campaign Period; or

b. by sending an SMS by typing BC <space> Last 6 digits of the Eligible Customer(s)’ NRIC number and sending it to 62666 during the Campaign Period using the mobile number maintained in CIMB’s records during the Campaign Period; or

c. by registering online at during the Campaign Period, or

d. by playing the Bonus Booster game that is sent to the Eligible Customer(s)’ mobile number that is maintained in CIMB records.

3. Cardholders who meet the first RM100 retail minimum spend on Contactless and/or e-Commerce daily transactions will receive a unique link via SMS immediately (real-time) with one (1) chance.

4. The link that is sent will be valid for forty-eight (48) hours upon receiving time until 11.59pm the next day. Eligible Customers who do not visit the URL link to play the Gamification to win the Daily Prizes within the said validity period will result in the URL link being invalid and/or the Daily Prizes to be forfeited.

5. The Eligible Participant(s) must earn qualifying entries by performing any of the eligible transactions and fulfil the qualifying criteria set out at Clause 11 of the Terms and Conditions to stand to win Cash Bonus.

6. Eligible Participant(s) may earn bonus entries by playing the Bonus Booster Game.

7. Eligible Participant(s) with a Participating Credit Card also stand to win Mystery Prizes and Cash Backs in addition to earning bonus entries.

8. Details of the Weekly Mystery Prize will be revealed on the CIMB Malaysia official Facebook/Website landing page every Friday.

9. The Mystery Prize will be delivered to the Mystery Prize winner's mailing address within four (4) weeks after the end of each Participating Week.

10. The Cash Back prize(s) will be credited into the Eligible Participant’s highest Participating Credit Card Account within four (4) weeks after the end of each Participating Week.

11. All Prizes cannot be transferred to a 3rd party, exchanged for cash or a different prize or reward of similar value or any other alternatives in any circumstances.

12. If an Eligible Participant(s) also performs any of the Eligible Transaction(s) set out at Clause 11 of the Terms and Conditions, he/she will be entitled to an additional Bonus Interest/Profit up to a maximum total of 2.00% p.a. on the Incremental Average Balance for the Campaign Month.

13. The Bonus Entry(ies) prize(s) from the Gamification and the entries earned from the total Eligible Transactions will be accumulated to tabulate the total entries that Eligible Participants have earned for a chance to win throughout the Campaign Period is one (1) Monthly Prize and one (1) Grand Prize.

14. The maximum number of Cash Bonus that each Eligible Participant(s) may win throughout the Campaign Period is one (1) Monthly Prize and one (1) Grand Prize.

15. Selected Participant(s) must use web browsers with the minimum specifications as specified in the Terms and Conditions governing the Campaign.