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Bancassurance / Bancatakaful Bundle Campaign 2020

Experience the perfect combination by protecting yourself and watching your money grow when you choose any of
these participating Life Insurance/Family Takaful products below.


Selected Life Insurance Products:

Participating Family Takaful Products:

Make your placement now to receive these Bonus Rewards upon maturity of your FD/FRIA-i according to the rates below:


  1. Rate based on the CIMB board rate as at 1 August 2020, click here to check the latest FD / FRIA-i board rate.
  2. If there are any changes to the CIMB board rate; the Bonus Reward will reflect accordingly.

Campaign Period : 1 August until 31 October 2020


Visit your nearest CIMB branch to sign up now!

Important Notes


1. Eligible Customer(s) must sign up for the selected Life Insurance/Family Takaful product and deposit in the selected Fixed Deposit/Fixed Return Income Account-i Maturity Returns (“FD/FRIA-i”) on the same month.
2. The policy/certificate owner of the selected Life Insurance/Family Takaful product and the account holder of the selected FD/FRIA-i must be the same customer.
3. Eligible Customer(s)’ application for the selected Life Insurance/Family Takaful product must be signed within the Campaign Period and the policy/certificate of the selected Life Insurance/Family Takaful product must be issued by Sun Life Malaysia Assurance Berhad/Sun Life Malaysia Takaful Berhad latest by 15 November 2020.
4. Bonus Reward to be fulfilled based on:
    i. the differences between the Bonus Rate and the prevailing FD/FRIA-i Board Rate, and
    ii. whichever lower amount between the 1FYAP/2FYAC of the selected Life Insurance/Family Takaful product and
        the FD/FRIA-i initial placement/roll over amount of one (1) cycle.
5. For any selected FD/FRIA-i placement with Special Rate, the selected FD/FRIA-i is not eligible for the Bonus Reward.
6. In the event the Eligible Customer(s) partially withdraws or uplifts the selected FD/FRIA-i before the completion of the FD/FRIA-i’s tenure, the customer shall not be entitled to the Bonus Reward.
7. These Campaign Rates cannot be used in conjunction with other FD/FRIA-i offers, promotions and/or privileges unless otherwise stated.

1 First Year Annualised Premium
2 First Year Annualised Contribution

Terms & Conditions Apply.

Member of PIDM. Fixed Deposit & Fixed Return Income Account-i are protected by PIDM up to RM250,000 for each depositor.