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Selamat Hari Raya to you! The Hari Raya festivities are all about forgiveness, delectable food and, of course, duit raya – and we’re here to help you grow it even more.


Every Ringgit counts, so let’s start planning how to maximise your Duit Raya! These tips are also useful for parents who are looking to teach kids about compounding interest and the importance of saving money. 

The Importance of Compound Interest


One of the most effective ways to grow your Duit Raya is through compound interest.

Compound interest is like a snowball effect on your money.


It is interest that's earned on both the initial amount of money you save or invest, as well as on any interest or earnings that accumulate over time.

As your savings or investments grow, the amount of interest you earn also grows, leading to exponential growth over time

Your return through compound interest is determined by several factors, including your initial principal or deposit, the interest rate, the frequency of compounding, and the length of time the money is invested. 


But how can you take advantage of compound interest to maximise your Duit Raya? Here is how you can get started:


  • Start Early

    The earlier you start investing the Duit Raya, the greater the benefits you will reap. Time is a powerful force in investing, and the earlier you start, the more time you have to let your money grow. Even small amounts invested early on can grow into significant sums over time due to the power of compound interest.


  • Add to Your Savings Regularly

    The more you can add to your savings over time, the faster your balance will grow.



Most importantly, be sure to choose a strategy that aligns with your financial goals and start as soon as possible. So what options are there to grow your duit raya?

Open a Fixed Deposit Account


You may wonder, 'What makes a fixed deposit account the right choice?'

The appeal of a fixed deposit account lies in its numerous advantages. It is a reliable, low-risk option that provides attractive returns, ensuring steady growth with minimal concern.


With this option, you can focus on other financial goals while your savings accumulate securely and profitably.


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Open a Term Investment Account


Term Investment Accounts (TIAs) are an investment option that works similarly to a fixed deposit and can help you earn a profit on your funds.


One such example is CIMB's Term Investment Account-i (TIA-i), a Shariah-compliant investment account that declares actual returns monthly, based on the actual performance of the investments. 

Choose A High-Yield Savings Account


Opening a high-yield savings account is a great, low-risk way to earn a higher return on your Duit Raya while keeping your funds accessible.


These savings accounts generally offer a higher annual percentage yield (APY) than traditional savings accounts, which means you can quickly earn more interest on your deposited funds. 


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Long-Term Investment Opportunities for Your Duit Raya


Investing in your Duit Raya for the long term is a smart financial decision for you to grow your savings over time.


Instead of spending it all at once, you could invest it in financial instruments like unit trusts, stocks or other investment options. 


  • Unit Trusts: A unit trust is a type of pooled investment fund managed by professional fund managers. With it, investors can diversify their investments by investing in a wide range of assets, such as stocks, bonds, and more.



  • Private Retirement Schemes (PRS): PRS is a long-term investment scheme that helps individuals accumulate funds for their retirement. It offers a range of investment options, including conventional and Shariah-compliant funds, catering to the diverse preferences and risk profiles of investors.



  • Gold: As an alternative investment, gold is a great portfolio diversifier for seasoned investors. Investors can diversify their portfolio by investing in gold, in addition to other investments in equity, fixed income and unit trusts.

    Learn more on Gold investment for beginners with our “Gold Investment: Guide To Investing In Gold In Malaysia” article.


  • Stocks, Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and other Instruments: Stocks and ETFs are also well-known investment options for investors seeking exposure to a particular market index or sector. With any investments, it is best to do ample research and seek guidance from a trusted professional.


Want to know more about investment solutions and deposit products? You can always contact us or visit any of the CIMB branches.   



We wish you a joyous Raya celebration, and we hope that this article can motivate you to grow your savings and start your future financial planning. Selamat Hari Raya!





This article is for informational purposes only and CIMB does not make any representation and warranty as to the accuracy, completeness and fairness of any information contained in this article. As this article is general in nature, it is not intended to address the circumstances of any particular individual or entity. You are advised to consult a financial advisor or investment professional before making any decisions based on the information contained in this article. CIMB assumes no liability for any consequences arising from your reliance on the information presented here.