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Finally, balik kampung is no longer a dream! This year’s Hari Raya celebration feels extra special, wouldn’t you agree? After two long years of virtual salam and restricted celebrations, Malaysians can now travel, meet, and celebrate this special season wholeheartedly.


Trying to get your festive spirit back for Aidilfitri? CIMB is happy to help make Raya more meaningful and memorable for you and your loved ones. Here are 5 tips to make the most out of your Eid this 2022!

Send gifts sincerely from the heart

Raya is not only a time for festive delights and flamboyant fashion, but it’s also the time to appreciate the people around you and wish them prosperity and blessings. Express your gratitude to friends and family with these fantastic gifting recommendations, guaranteed to upgrade your Raya to the next level.


Make someone feel special with bespoke gifts


Personalised gifts are always a pleasant surprise. Having said that, we understand the challenge of picking out the right gifts for someone else and are here to help. For the special lady in your life, how about impressing her with Christy Ng’s 2022 Raya Set? Furthermore, you can elevate this exclusive set by adding a thoughtful embroidering of her name.  


What are you waiting for? Head to CIMB Deals for better bargains on your Raya goodies and gifts! Don’t forget to check out other amazing items available.


Reconnect with your loved ones



Luckily for us all, this year's Eid poses an excellent opportunity to reunite with our family and spend quality time with them. After all, Hari Raya is meant to be a day full of love. Thus, what better way to spend them than just being close to the ones you hold dear? We wish you a happy Raya month and hope that you have a joyous reunion with your loved ones! 


Presenting gifts that grow


Looking for a unique gift? Open a savings or an investment account for your kids this Hari Raya and instil the wisdom of saving. This way, you can nurture useful saving habits and build your child’s emergency fund at once. 


Also, remember to share your rezeki with friends and family by handing out pretty Raya packets filled with duit Raya. Enhance this age-old tradition with e-Duit Raya to ensure safe and contactless transactions.

Keep the Eid spirit alive through the act of giving


Raya is the season of emanating joy. Why not celebrate with the community and make your Raya even more unforgettable? We’re staying true to the spirit of giving with CIMB's Harapan Ramadan initiative, and we invite you to do the same!


This year, CIMB Foundation and CIMB Islamic bank, together with a Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO), Adab Youth Garage, extended the Ramadan and Raya joy by distributing Bakul Ramadan (food basket packed with necessities) and Bubur Lambuk to families residing at various Projek Perumahan Rakyat housing across Selangor. 


Residents of PPR Kampung Baru HICOM, Shah Alam receiving the contributions from Rafe Haneef, CEO of CIMB Foundation accompanied by programme partners. 


Our teams from CIMB Islamic also collaborated with organisations such as Islamic Relief Malaysia, Yayasan Belia Malaysia, and Yayasan Al-Khalifah to deliver packed foods to over 1,500 vulnerable households in 6 states across Malaysia and other initiatives. 


We were also deeply honoured to take part in realising the Raya dreams for asnaf families, single mothers and children from across the country. Through our Harapan Ramadan campaign, we’ve provided brand-new Raya clothes and duit Raya, as well as donations to ensure that they experience a jubilant, jovial, and fulfilling Raya.


Ahmad Shahriman Mohd Shariff, CEO of CIMB Islamic distributing the essential items to residents of Pangsapuri Rimba Jaya, Shah Alam.


Now, it's your turn! Contribute to a good cause and reach out to your nearest community. Doing good deeds need no grand gestures. Instead, it can be as simple as visiting your elderly neighbours and sharing food, time, and money. Remember, even very small actions count.


You can explore a myriad of charities and causes that resonate with you through websites such as, the country's free directory of NGOs and social organisations.

Glam up for Eid with the “Raya Sedondon” tradition

With family members near and far spending Eid together, how about getting organised and planning out a colour theme for that long-awaited family portrait this Raya? Dressed up to the nines with gorgeous outfits and have the whole family decked out in the same colour and theme.


Aesthetics aside, it’s certainly a touching and adorable sight to witness everyone, old and young, planning this year’s baju Raya and dressing in a similar fashion.


Have yet to buy your Raya outfit? No worries! Raya in style and get matching baju Raya sets online. Whether you are #teamhijau, #teampink or #teambiru — know that CIMB Deals got you covered with up to 15% off at our participating merchants. 

Cook scrumptious food together


Eating Raya food, no doubt, is one of the best parts of the Raya celebration. After a whole month of fasting, the various mouth-watering heritage delicacies such as Rendang, Lemang, and Ketupat are definitely not to be missed.


Most of us have upskilled our cooking game throughout the MCO period, so let’s make 2022 the year where you finally master your family’s traditional Rendang recipe. Cooking together gives families time to share and helps foster and reinforce bonds.


Alternatively, treat your family to a Raya buffet at prestigious hotels. For instance, enjoy a luxurious dining experience at Impiana KLCC Hotel, Kuala Lumpur and get 20% off with CIMB Deals!

Spruce up the house with decorations


What’s Raya without all the festive decorations? Get creative and revamp your home by incorporating decorations to welcome Hari Raya, add colour and cheer, as well as convey friendliness to neighbours. Deck your front yard with beautiful decorative lights and nostalgic bamboo oil lamps or pelita to light up the house.


In the days leading up to Hari Raya, the act of decorating can heavily amp up Raya vibes. What’s more, it is a great way to spend quality time together, renewing and strengthening familial bonds.


Like everyone else, we’re sure you’re excited that indoor and outdoor open houses will be allowed for this year’s Eid celebrations. But hold your horses! While Malaysia is gradually entering the endemic phase, it’s better to be safe than sorry. You’re encouraged to conduct a Covid self-test and opt for smaller gatherings.


That said, we hope you’re able to have a celebration full of joy and mirth with the ones you cherish. We truly wish that this Hari Raya Aidilfitri will be an Eid to remember for you. Selamat Hari Raya!



This article is brought to you by CIMB as part of our ongoing efforts to raise the level of financial literacy among Malaysians. Financial knowledge and understanding are key to making well-informed and meaningful financial decisions that will improve all our well-being. This, in turn, achieves CIMB’s purpose of advancing customers and society.