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The 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games are finally underway and Malaysia has proudly sent 30 of our best athletes to Japan to represent our nation. During a time of unrelenting adversity across the world, the Olympic Games are a much welcomed opportunity for all peoples to come together and celebrate the pursuit of excellence and our shared resilience, and to recommit ourselves to overcoming our troubles and keep moving forward.


CIMB wishes all Malaysian Olympians, who will be competing in events across 10 sports, the best of luck and every success at the 2020 Olympic Games. We’re with you all the way. Ganbatte Malaysia!


Among our contingent is Dato’ Muhammad Azizulhasni Awang, “The Pocket Rocketman,” who won a bronze medal in the men’s keirin at the 2016 Rio Olympics, and is among the favourites for gold in the men’s keirin this year. CIMB has had the honour of sponsoring Azizul over the past 5 years, starting in 2017 during his time as a member of the CIMB Pro Cycling Team and continuing into the present as a brand ambassador for CIMB.



In addition to our association with Azizul, we have also had the privilege of working with world-class Malaysian athletes like eight-time Women’s World Squash Champion Datuk Nicol David, 2018 British Junior Open Champion Sivasangari Subramaniam, 2018 Asian Games Gold Medallist Ng Eain Yow, 2014 Commonwealth Games Bronze Medallist Fatehah Mustapha and Malaysia’s top woman golfer Kelly Tan.


CIMB has a long history of supporting sports across all levels. Through CIMB Foundation, we have taken an active role grooming junior sports in Malaysia.

Sivasangari and Eain Yow are part of the CIMB Junior Squash Development Programme, which has been active for 12 years, and both are recipients of athletic scholarships that cover their academic and official tournament costs.


Over the past decade, the CIMB Junior Football Development Programme has nurtured young Malaysian footballers and now supports 5 academies in Kuala Lumpur, Melaka, Kedah, Kelantan and Sabah. Alumni of the junior football academies who have now become professional players include Mohd Hadin Azman (Kedah), R. Kogileswaran (U22 Malaysia & PJ City FC), Muhammad Alif Safwan (Kuala Lumpur) and R. Dinesh (U22 Malaysia & Pahang FC).


Since 2018, the CIMB Junior Cycling Development Programme has partnered with Junior Cycling Malaysia to work at the school-level and organise cycling races in all states across Malaysia. We support our best cyclists by helping them to participate in the European and Australian Tours held annually in July and December respectively.


Most recently, since 2019, the CIMB Junior Gymnastics Development Programme has worked to raise awareness in Malaysia of gymnastics as a sport. We are in the process of setting up training centres that will focus on rhythmic

and artistic programmes.



Keeping with the ideal that sports are for everyone, since 2015 the CIMB Paralympic Development Programme has supported football for the blind, amputees, and people with dwarfism, cerebral palsy and intellectual disabilities.


Sports have the singular ability to allow us to embrace rivalry and competition and harness them to bring ourselves together. This is the great power of the Olympic Games.


CIMB extends our best wishes to all Olympians, but in that same spirit, with our hearts and voices we proudly shout “Ganbatte Malaysia!”