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What does the transaction status show?


  • Transactions are in Available status and can be Received - The money is waiting for beneficiary collection
  • The transaction has been Received - The money has been collected by the beneficiary
  • The transaction has been Refunded


  • Available – The money is waiting for beneficiary collection
  • Pending – The transaction is accepted and pending to be credited into beneficiary’s account
  • Paid – Transaction successfully paid/credited to the account
  • Rejected – The transaction is rejected due to incorrect payment details
  • Requested for Refund – The sender has requested the transaction to be refunded
  • Refunded – The transaction has been refunded to the sender’s account
  • Rejected and Refunded – The transaction is rejected with money automatically credited back into sender’s account


Note: Any Outward Remittances that remain unpaid for a year from successful transaction date will be deemed unclaimed/uncollected and the funds will be subsequently forwarded to Registrar of Unclaimed Monies

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