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How do I purchase Unit Trust fund online?

  • Log in to CIMB Clicks

  • Select ‘Apply & Invest’

  • Select My Account’

  • Click on ‘Investment’

  • Click on ‘Unit Trust Account’

  • From the contextual menu at your desired Unit Trust Account, select ‘Purchase’.

  • Select ‘Fund Manager’

  • Select ‘Unit Trust Fund Name’ and Select ‘Next’

  • Select your desired Settlement Account 

  • Check the agreement box and Select ‘Submit’

  • Enter TAC number, then Select ‘Confirm’


You will receive the Confirmation Advice of the transaction via mail.


  • Alternatively, you can go to ‘Apply & Invest’

  • Click on ‘Application Status’

  • Select ‘Unit Trust Account Opening History’

You will see the list of Unit Trust Account Opened via CIMB Clicks

You may clicks on the ‘Purchase’ link to proceed with your purchase.

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