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I am a Non-Resident customer and I have set my Fund Transfer Limit (To Other CIMB Account(s), IBG, DuitNow to Account and Proxy) to RM50,000 in CIMB Clicks Online Banking and CIMB Clicks Mobile App. Can I perform transactions up to RM50,000 daily?

Non-Resident accounts in the Non-Exempted Group are not allowed to perform more than RM10,000 per transactions even though you have set the amount limit to more than RM10,000. If you wish to transfer above the limit of RM10,000, please visit any CIMB branch and bring along supporting documents as proof of purpose of the transfer that is allowed under the Foreign Exchange Policy Notices.


But if you are a Non-Resident customer under the Exempted group, then the transfer limit of RM10,000 per transaction does not apply to you.

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