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Remittance Member-Get-Member Campaign

Please fill up your details and your Referee(s) details in order to participate in the Remittance Member-Get-Member Campaign. Information provided should be as per active CIMB account & Referee(s) must then remit a minimum of single transaction RM6,000.00 and above via CIMB Clicks or CIMB OCTO App during Campaign Period. To view Campaign details and Terms & Conditions, please visit:

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  1. This Campaign is open to all CIMB Individual customers, including Sole Proprietors registered and operating under their personal names, who have valid and active Current Account/-i and/or Savings Account/-i (“CASA/-i”); excluding Junior Savers Account/-i, YOUth Savers Account/-i, Flexi Current Account, Special Mudharabah Investment Account-i, Foreign Currency Accounts/-i, CIMB Money Multiplier Account and Private Banking Current Account/-i.
  2. Please ensure that all information in this form is reflected in CIMB’s records. These include:
    • Full name as per NRIC/Passport.
    • Last 4 digits and/or characters as per NRIC/Passport.
    • Registered Mobile Number.
  3. Eligible Participant(s) (“Referrer”) shall refer and provide the Full Name(s), Last 4 digits and/or characters of NRIC/Passport, and Mobile Number(s) of the New-to-Remittance customers (“Referee”) to CIMB within the Campaign Period and obtain the consent of the Referee(s) to disclose their particulars for CIMB to contact them.
  4. New-to-Remittance (NTR) customers are defined as first-time remitters on CIMB Clicks and/or CIMB OCTO App, or customers who did not perform Foreign Telegraphic Transfer or SpeedSend on CIMB Clicks and/or CIMB OCTO App from 1 January 2022 to 30 September 2023.
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Up to 5 referees per single submission

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