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Features & Benefits

Contactless Payment
Pay As You Go

How do I get started?

Step 1 : Launch CIMB QR Pay

If you don’t have CIMB Clicks app, you must download it on your mobile from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. 

Step 2 : Link Your Account/Card

Link your preferred account/card for payment from the drop down list.

Step 3 : Create Passcode

Create a 6 digit Passcode to authenticate payment. Do not share your Passcode to anyone.

Step 4 : Allow Camera Function

Enable camera function to scan QR code.

How do I use CIMB QR Pay?

Step 1 : Launch CIMB Clicks App
Step 2 : Tap QR Pay icon and Scan the QR code
Step 3 : Enter Payment Amount

You will need to key in your 6 digit Passcode to authenticate payment.

Step 4 : Tap Pay Now

Tap Pay Now after confirming the merchant name and amount.

Step 5 : Transaction Notification

You will receive a notification of your successful transaction!

Where can I use CIMB QR Pay?

You can use CIMB QR Pay at the following participating merchants or DuitNow QR merchants. They can be identified by the CIMB QR Pay or DuitNow QR logo located at the merchant payment counter. Do check it regularly as we will continuously update new merchants to the list!