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CIMB EVA – Your Enhanced Virtual Assistant

CIMB EVA is a secured and smart banking app designed to help you manage your daily banking needs faster, easier and smarter! CIMB EVA is powered with artificial-intelligence technology and built with safety in mind, it works just as safe as our CIMB Clicks mobile app because we take your privacy seriously. 

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Banking made simple & smart

CIMB EVA is a smart bot-based virtual assistant designed to help you with your banking needs easily – just by texting.

CIMB EVA – Your Enhanced Virtual Assistant

simple and easy banking
Simple and easy banking with CIMB EVA!

virtual assistant for quick
CIMB EVA - Your enhanced virtual assistant for quick and speedy banking!

Know your expenses

Smart just got smarter. Now, EVA is also your Spend Analyser! You can easily see how your money is spent every month.

Visualise your money

EVA chart-ify your portfolio, transactions into easy to read, beautiful graphs, let you see your finances all-at-a-glance.

Payment Reminder

CIMB EVA predicts and reminds you of your upcoming payments by analyzing your payment history.

Safe & Secure

Security is at the core of CIMB EVA mobile app. It is built with the highest security standards and industry practices to ensure your banking safety.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

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