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Please complete the information below to generate the Ibra' illustration table.

The below table is an illustration table only and subject to the Bank’s approval

Your Monthly Payment


Based on the information that you have provided, below is the illustration table which consist of your payment date, monthly instalment, profit and principal payment, outstanding Bank’s selling price, outstanding principal and unearned profit.

{{ flatProfitRatePercentage }}% {0} Flat Profit Rate Per Annum / Monthly Instalment (RM)
{{ flatProfitRatePercentage }}% {0} Flat Profit Rate Per Annum / Monthly Instalment (RM)
No Payment Date, Monthly Instalment Profit Payment Principal Payment Outstanding Bank’s Selling Price Outstanding Principal *Unearned Profit


  1. Please complete the above information to generate the Ibra' illustration table. The information above is just an illustration based on the information provided to show you what you can expect on a monthly basis to help you make the necessary financial arrangement should you proceed to apply. Hence, your actual minimum monthly payment amount will vary according to your transactions and balances.
  2. Below are the definitions for your reference:
    • Payment date refers to the monthly due date which is on every 4th of the month.
    • Monthly instalment refers to the monthly payment that you need to pay to the Bank once the financing has been approved and disbursed.
    • Profit Payment is the monthly profit payment amount which will be part of the total monthly instalment.
    • Principal Payment is the monthly principal payment amount which will be part of the total monthly instalment.
    • Outstanding Bank’s Sale/Selling Price is the sum of Outstanding Principal and Unearned Profit.
    • Outstanding Principal is the outstanding financing amount.
    • Unearned Profit is outstanding profit.
  3. This table indicates the payment of instalment by customer. The dates and values illustrated above may change according to a number of variables such as promptness of payments by customer, rounding adjustment, differing disbursement amount and rate.
  4. *Rebate (Ibra') will be granted upon early settlement/ settlement before end of financing tenure. Please refer to "Unearned Profit" column for rebated amount before deduction of the early settlement charges (if any), assuming settlement is done on the respective date.
  5. This table serves as an illustration and subject to the Bank’s approval.
  6. The Effective Profit Rate is between 28.88% to 41.70% per year depending on the financing tenure.
  7. The Profit Rate for the purpose of calculating the Bank's Sale/Selling Price is up to 24.00% per year.
  8. To help you use this Ibra' Calculator, here is an example of a sample calculation:


Rebate (Ibra’) Calculation


Payable Amount after Rebate (Ibra’) Calculation

Rebate (Ibra’)


[n (n + 1) / N (N + 1)] x PM

n = Remaining months to maturity

N = Total Tenure of Financing in Months

PM = Total Profit Margin

Payable Amount


Outstanding Bank’s Sale/Selling Price + Compensation (Ta’widh) + Other Costs – Rebate (Ibra’)

Sample Calculation

Early Settlement in 20 months

Financing Amount: RM5,000

Initial Bank’s Sale/ Selling Price: RM11,000

Outstanding Bank’s Sale/ Selling Price: RM7,320

Tenure: 5 years (60 months)

Profit Rate: 24%

n = 60 - 20 = 40 months

N = 5 years (60 months)

PM = (RM5,000 X 24% X 5 years) : RM6,000

Rebate (Ibra’)


[40 (40 + 1) / 60 (60 + 1)] X RM6,000

= RM2,688.52

Total payable amount after Rebate (Ibra’)


RM7,320 - RM2,688.52

= RM4,631.48