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The Music Run by CIMB is back with more fun
and less waste!


We are MOVING FORWARD WITH YOU by championing sustainability the fun way. As Malaysia’s largest 5km running event, we believe it is our responsibility to employ sustainable event practices in supporting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. We aim to create a more sustainable future while inspiring young people to have MORE FUN. LESS WASTE. EMPOWER EVERYONE.


Be a part of our carbon neutral event and run to the beat at Technology Park Malaysia, Bukit Jalil on 3 December 2022. 



Let's Run for Sustainability


We are putting our best foot forward and engaging in sustainable activities to minimise the impact we have on our environment. ​

Join us in making this run more fun with less waste. 

All for Carbon Neutral


CIMB for Carbon Offsetting

We have engaged YTL-SV Carbon to access, monitor and track The Music Run’s Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission in order to offset the CO2 emissions – bringing back the coolest carbon neutral event.

Reduce Carbon Footprint


Recycle with CIMB

In collaboration with ASASRAMA, all event day recyclables will be collected and processed to be repurposed as high quality reusable resin in the form of pellets and flakes to be sold to plastic product manufacturers.

Reduce Waste with CIMB

Together with The Lost Food Project and Ground Control, we will be reducing food waste through redistribution and composting.


  • THE LOST FOOD PROJECT – To prevent surplus food from going to the landfill, we will be collecting and redistributing food
    waste to those in need.

  • GROUND CONTROL – Food waste that can’t be redistributed will be collected and composted to reduce methane emissions. 

CIMB Eco-Friendly Trophies

Our trophies are 100% eco-friendly and made out of recycled materials.

Let's Carpool

RIDE SHARE / PUBLIC TRANSPORT – Help improve air quality by sharing a ride or taking public transportation and reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

Say No to Drawstring Bags & Bring Your Own

Over 50% of you chose to support our sustainability goals and opted out of receiving the drawstring bag within your Run Pack. 

Movements for the People


Fundraising for Responsible Consumption

Minimising food waste is one way to address climate change, help conserve resources and energy and reduce Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions.

In line with the UN SDG12 of responsible consumption and production, show your support for these organisations that champion food waste reduction and provide aid to those in need:

  • THE LOST FOOD PROJECT helps to prevent surplus food from going to landfills by redistributing it to those in need. 

  • KEMBARA KITCHEN is a zero waste cooperation with retailers/wholesalers for food rescue. Their Hero Meals REMs (Ready To Eat Meals) are provided free to those in need.

  • FOOD AID FOUNDATION (FOOD RESCUE) is a non-profit governmental organisation (NGO) that rescues surplus and declined food items to be redistributed to people in need.

  • KECHARA SOUP KITCHEN (FOOD BANK) helps the poor while aiming towards a nation of less food wastage and less poverty. They provide companies and individuals a platform to contribute surplus produce, cooked food and dry provisions directly to the poor.


CIMB for Inclusivity & Diversity

Discover exciting local artists and performers at The Music Run! We believe in promoting diversity and inclusivity through our support of local musicians, strengthening the viability of the local music scene.






25 - 27 NOVEMBER 2022

11AM - 9PM