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Features & Benefits

Government Guarantee
Low Guarantee Fee
Financing Amount
Long Financing Tenure
Various Financing Facilities

Eligibility & Requirements

  • Applicable for SMEs and Mid-Size Companies (MSC) in all sectors with at least 51% shares held and controlled by Malaysian
  • Annual revenue of not more than RM500.0 million based on their audited accounts (or relevant income tax returns where applicable) for any of the financial year ending 2019 or later
  • Applicants must be registered under the Companies Act 1965 or 2016; or Sabah and Sarawak local authorities and district offices
  • Not applicable to public-listed companies on the main board; and subsidiaries of public-listed companies of the main board, Government-linked companies, Syarikat Menteri Kewangan Diperbadankan and state-owned enterprises
  • For New Financing, the facility shall only be used for working capital and/or capital expenditure. For the Restructuring and Rescheduling of existing financing facilities, with a 12-month moratorium and extension of tenure; and/or additional working capital (applicants with financing facilities rescheduled and/or restructured that was approved on 1 March 2020 onwards are eligible). The financing cannot be used to refinance existing facility granted by the same or other banks
  • Available until full utilisation of the scheme limit of up to RM30.0 billion
  • The maximum financing amount is RM20.0 million. The financing limit is subject to the combined group limit not exceeding RM50.0 million for all SJPP guarantee schemes, including this financing (Group is defined under PGGS as companies under the same group by way of shareholding (holding 50% or more), directors (providing guarantees), related guarantors, and including Related Parties)
  • Financing tenure is subject to the purpose of financing. For New Financing, the tenure shall be up to 10 years. For Restructuring and Rescheduling, the tenure shall be up to 3 years. For Additional Working Capital, the tenure shall be up to 10 years
  • Guarantee fee is payable upfront and is subject to the purpose of financing

Note: Terms and conditions apply.