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SMEs Sustainable Exporters Programme

Building Resilience with Sustainability Principles


Businesses are embracing sustainability as a road to long-term growth. Being sustainable offers a significant advantage for SMEs in the exports market. This programme will demonstrate how sustainable practices save cost for SMEs in the manufacturing business, how it lowers business risks and improves investor confidence.


Participants will gain an understanding of sustainability in the context of global markets and small businesses, the benefits, costs, and action steps. Participants will also walk away with a useful action kit to start strategising and implementing a sustainability plan.

Series of SMEs Sustainable Exporters Programme


Hosted by CIMB ISLAMIC in collaboration with MATRADE & IMPACTO



Programme Outline

•  Understanding Sustainability

•  Sustainability Business Case for the Manufacturing Sector

•  Access to Finance, Markets & Growth

•  Getting Started with the Fundamentals

•  Using the SME Action Kit

•  References: Case Studies

Key Topics

•  Sustainability risks and impacts along the manufacturing  value chain

•  Sustainable business opportunities and trends in the top three export markets

•  Benchmarking and targets + Action steps and checklists


Introductory Webinar Overview

•  COVID-19: A crisis or an opportunity? Measures for SMEs during and post-MCO

•  Risks Beyond COVID-19 | Why should my business care about sustainability?

•  Crisis Preparedness to Future-Proofing Business

•  How can sustainability help my business?

Who Should Attend?

•  Business development managers

•  Export managers

•  Strategy officers

•  Management teams

Grab the opportunity to learn the best practices on how to navigate your business by signing up for the webinars now! 


The dates are listed below.

4 November 2020

10:00am - 12:30pm

25 November 2020

10:00am - 12:30pm


Join the webinar at no cost! Use the link below to register today:

Terms and conditions apply.



For any additional information, please contact: CIMB ISLAMIC  / Email :

Azmir Abdullah Emma Mohd Zahari


Mobile No. +60 12 301 2565


Mobile No. +60 12 914 5075