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Digital Banking

SME Partners

#ShapingTheFuture through Digitisation with CIMB

CIMB digital solutions, simplified for you.

We can see that businesses are revolutionising traditional processes and transforming their operations with digitisation.


Let us help you gain a foothold in today's ever-expanding digital economy by linking you with our SME Partners who can take your business online quickly and effectively.

Terms and Conditions

  1. The offers above are valid until 31 December 2022.
  2. Our websites may contain links to other websites, including those of other companies. These websites operate independently from our site. We do not control and are not responsible for the content, security or privacy employed by other websites. By using our website you consent to the transfer of information to such websites.
  3. Please read the CIMB SME Partners Terms & Conditions below for the full terms and conditions.


1. Who is eligible to redeem for CIMB SME Partners’ solutions?
The SME Partners solutions are exclusively available for CIMB Business Current Account/-i holders. If you haven’t opened a Business Current Account/-i yet, please click here to start your journey!


2. How do I redeem the CIMB SME Partners’ solutions?

i) New Business Current Account/-i customers
You will receive  SMS/Electronic Direct Mailer (EDM) within 7 working days which will link you to the CIMB SME Partners Redeem Page.

Once you have reached the SME Partners Redeem page, simply click “Redeem Now” on your desired solutions partner.


ii) Existing Business Current Account/-i customers

All existing CIMB Business Current Account/-i customers will receive  SMS or EDM containing a link to the SME Partners Redeem page. Once you have reached the SME Partners Redeem page, simply click “Redeem Now” on your desired solutions partner.


If you have not received your SMS or EDM containing the SME Partners Redeem link, simply fill in the Let-Us-Call-You (LUCY) button in the SME Partners page and our team will contact you within 2 working days.


Alternatively, you can also email us directly to and we will contact you within 2 working days with the following information: 

a) Company Name 

b) Business Registration No. (Old & New)

c) Business Current Account/-iNumber.

d) Email

e) Mobile Number

f) Preferred Partner Solution (Eg: Shopmatic, BusinessHR, Exabytes) 

About CIMB SME Partners Solutions

1. What is CIMB “SME Partners of Choice” and what can we offer you? 

CIMB SME Partners of Choice wishes to help business owners to have access to special partner solutions to help SMEs improve their businesses such as Operations, E-Commerce, Marketing and Branding, Connectivity & Insurance Solutions with up to 50% exclusive discounts for all CIMB SME customers.


2. How long is the offer from all partners valid until?
CIMB SME Partner’s offers are valid till 31st December 2022.


3. How many Partner offers can a CIMB SME Banking Customer sign-up for?
CIMB SME Banking Customers can sign-up for as many offers as they want. There are no limits to the amount of partner solutions that CIMB SME Banking Customers can redeem.

Individual Partner Terms and Conditions will, however, apply.


4. If I am an existing Business Current Account/-i Customer, is there a minimum balance required to enjoy the Partners Solution?
No, there isn’t.


5. How long does it take for me to receive the CIMB SME Partners Solutions?
Once you have redeemed your solutions with the individual partners online, you can start enjoying the solutions immediately! If you have any problems, please contact us at and we will help you resolve this issue.


6. Is there any additional charges to redeem the SME Partners Solutions?
There is no additional charges to redeem any of our partners solutions. 

What if I am not a CIMB SME Banking customer yet?

1. If I am not a CIMB SME Banking customer, do I get to enjoy any other promotion?
CIMB is currently offering free webinars for all customers to help customers kick start their businesses during this pandemic:


Sign up now at

Ongoing Promotions

Apart from offers that CIMB is currently offering for CIMB SME Banking customers, we are also running a few campaigns  to encourage our customers to digitise their businesses at a more affordable price! If you’re interested, kindly click on the following links to find out more.


  1. Go Digital Campaign
    • First 100 customer to Subscribe for the Shopmatic Transaction/Subscription plan or subscribe to BusinessHR Trial package will enjoy an RM50 Lazada E-Voucher on us! Terms and Conditions Apply. 
    • For further information, please visit:  or

Contact Us

If you have any other enquiries, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email at and we will gladly answer your questions in 2 working days!

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